Saturday, February 18, 2012

But why, mommy?

As I sit here and try to continuously come up with answers to Riley's favorite question "why", I am really having to think about some of them. If you have a little kiddo that is or has been his age, you know that usually you can just throw out anything and they are satisfied. But having a 3 year old when you are adopting presents a bit of a challenge in the sense he doesn't understand why we have to "wait" for a baby. He knows we have to wait for God to be ready for us to bring the new baby home, but to him, that just means each and every day, whenever the thought randomly crosses his mind, he asks can we get our baby now and why we have to wait. And every time we go to get in the car, he asks if we are going to get our baby. When we tell him no, not yet, God isn't ready yet, we get the "but why?". I have been asked a LOT of questions, but this is one I sort of continue to stumble over. How do I make a 3 year old understand? I am stumped. He sees his friends mothers pregnant and knows their babies are in their bellies. That isn't anything you can possibly get a 3 year old to grasp. But for now, We will continue to tell him that God isn't ready yet, until our day comes. I know he is excited about being a big brother. He tells us he is going to change the baby's poopy diapers, and he is going to share his toys, and his mommy and daddy, and he is going to feed the baby their bottles. It is the sweetest thing in the entire world. I know that when our baby does come home, they are going to have the best big brother in the world. Tonight, he even filled a baby bottle up with water and sat it on the table and said "okay mommy, I have the babys bottle ready now so we are ready!". Sweetest thing in the world? Melts my heart for sure. And that in itself makes answering the question "why" a thousand times a day so worth it...

As far as where do we stand now? We are OFFICIALLY WAITING! So now we do exactly that, we wait. Whenever our profile is shown, they will let us know, and they will also let us know if we are or are not chosen. This is where my unfortunate, crazy, nail biting impatience may kick in. I promise, I will try to control it, but if you see me wandering the baby aisles, don't be surprised. I am so excited to know at least at this point, we will get a baby, we just don't know when! Please just continue to send up prayers for us while we wait! They are most definitely always appreciated! And of course, if you hear of anyone wanting to place a baby, or even know of someone who knows someone who may know someone, please put our name out there! That would be a dream come true for us!

Fundraising...please, please, PLEASE send me recipes for our cookbook! ( We are also still selling shirts and bracelets! We are planning an adoption yard / bake sale in late March so if you have anything you would like to donate, please let me know that also! We will take anything we can get! And then of course, we are always accepting donations.

We thank each and every single one of you who have donated, sent your kind thoughts, and prayers. We are blessed beyond belief to have so many amazing people in our lives!

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